"Compose is the best way to create a new image from parts of other images and graphics"

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Compose Screenshots And The Images That Were Created


Compose Lite Screenshots And The Images That Were Created

Compose Lite has all the features of Compose, except it only has two inputs. However, this is enough for many amazing compositions.


Compose User Interface

What Compose Is

With Compose, start with one or more digital images, then select regions of interest and combine them to create a new image.

Compose includes a full-featured, high quality digital image editor that can adjust the individual images or can adjust the entire composition.

Each of the image components can be interactively positioned, sized, rotated, edited, blended and faded.

Save the results in any of numerous standard image sizes, resolutions and formats, or easily enter custom values.

What Compose Is Not

Compose isn't a layer model with frustrating cutout tools and hard edge masks.

Compose isn't a sequence of pixel operations that erodes the image quality and has strange, hard-to-learn order dependencies.

Where To Get Compose

Download Compose on the Mac App Store. Compose is Gate Keeper and Retina Display Compliant.

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